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Bollywood Latest NewsBollywood Latest News
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latest bollywood news and movies

According to latest Bollywood movie news, this year has been very good for Bollywood because of the release of some outstanding blockbusters. The latest movie news is Slumdog Millionaire that has received multiple Oscar awards this year. This film is a story about Jamal Malik, a penniless eighteen year old boy from the slum area of Mumbai, who is one question away to win a big amount of money of 20 million rupees from a game show called " who wants to be millionaire". When the show ends for the night, this child is arrested on the pretext of suspicion of cheating. People fall into suspicion that how could an uneducated street child have so much knowledge. Finally, the jaded police conducts a probe on this child and finds incredible tales about him that shocks them further. To understand the full story, watch this film and find out whether Jamal answers to the last question of the game show or not.

Another latest movie news is that according to recent report, the Bollywood films are becoming very popular at various film festivals. They are consistently winning prestigious awards in different countries. The new buzz is that the movie "ZOR LAGAA KE... HAIYA" has been selected as an official finalist at the 2009 Las Vegas International Film Festival. It is said that this film was among the best of nearly 2000 films which were submitted from over 50 countries. This is one of the best films that feature some popular stars like Mithun Chakraborty, Riya Sen, Mahesh Majrekar, Gulshan Grover and some others. It has been produced by Kartikeya Talreja and Basant Talreja under the banner of Gemini Motion Pictures.
So, it can be said that the Indian cinema has progressed a lot and the demand for Indian movies is escalating worldwide. Popular actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitatbh Bachan, AR Rahman and many others have taken Bollywood to a new level. To know more about latest movie news, one can visit the internet and surf some websites.

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