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  • Sg Associates Builders And Developers We Make Your Dreams Possible
  • Sg Associates Builders And Developers We Make Your Dreams Possible
  • Sg Associates Builders And Developers We Make Your Dreams Possible
  • Sg Associates Builders And Developers We Make Your Dreams Possible
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Sg Associates Builders And Developers We Make Your Dreams PossibleSg Associates Builders And Developers We Make Your Dreams PossibleSg Associates Builders And Developers We Make Your Dreams PossibleSg Associates Builders And Developers We Make Your Dreams Possible
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SG ASSOCIATES Builders and Developers are one of the Best, Reputed and Quality Builders offering Landmark Construction Projects at Budget Prices in Kumbakonam, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu.
SG ASSOCIATES Builders & Developers is a Vertical of SG Associates. We are specialized as Architects, Residential and Commercial Builders, Real Estate Mediators, Property Agents, Property Developers, Building Contractors, Civil Consultants, Civil Engineers, Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Property Appraisers and Structural Engineers in Kumbakonam.
We are recognized as one of the Top 5 leading builders in Kumbakonam, professionally managed by highly qualified and well experienced Professionals and Civil engineers ensuring continuous focus and dedication in each and every project we undertake in Kumbakonam . Our key focus areas includes Project Location, Quality of material used for Construction, Structured and proper planning in every stage of  execution and most important the On-time delivery of the projects to our valued customers. Each and every project is closely supervised and hand held by our qualified and experienced supervisors from the start till end of the project. .
Our way of approach, transparency, execution of the projects and the pre and post sales services are well appreciated by our  valued customers. Our Luxury villas and ''Mini apartments'' are well received and acknowledged by our esteemed customers. ( Mini apartment with 2 or more houses in a single plot for a single investor.) Our "Mini apartments" projects can be considered as one of the Best investment option for High Net worth individuals (HNWI) who would like to earn high returns on their property investment by way of rental income.
All our activities are Services Oriented only. We do not involve in Trade of any Tangible goods (Products, Stocks, Properties or any other inventories in business).

Our Purpose
Exceptional quality of construction, a transparent buying experience, speedy completion and delivery at low cost forms the hallmark of our organization. Our continuous focus and dedication to unmatched quality sets us apart in the market. All our construction materials starting from steel, cement, tiles, or apartment fixtures are sourced from prestigious companies, which comply with high standards of integrity and product sophistication.
We undertake construction contracts for Residential individual houses, Apartments, Commercial complexes, Schools, Colleges, Shops, Retirement homes,  etc. in and around Kumbakonam.  We build Residential flats either by outright purchase of land or through a joint venture with landowners in Kumbakonam.
We also adhere to additional requirements from our customers such as routine maintenance of their properties, propose sale or renting of their properties, demolition and renovation of their existing properties, etc.
Our Specialized Property Finance advisors can assist you in getting your Home Finance requirements catered through some of the best reputed Financial institutions we have tied-up, based on your net worth and getting your loan / mortgage formalities completed timely.
Our Social Responsibility
Our concern for the environment is reflected in all our creations. Some of the prominent features that we propose to our valued customers are:
•Beautiful landscaping and rich greenery,
•Environmental Friendly Concrete Cement bricks,
•Rain Water Harvesting,
•Water purifier and hard water eco cleaner,
•Water recycling plant,
•Solar Water heaters for Bathrooms,
•Solar lights for outdoor spaces,
•Manure pits and bins
•Eco waste Disposal plant
•Insulating Concrete Forms
•Plant-based Polyurethane Rigid Foam
•Straw Bales
•Cool Roofing
•Structural Insulated Panels
•Recycled Wood/Plastic Composite Lumber
•Low-E Windows
•Vacuum Insulation Panel
•Bio Gas plants and much more

SG ASSOCIATES BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS (also shortly called as SGA BUILDERS) are honored to introduce ourselves as one of the Top 5 Best Builders in Kumbakonam. SGA Builders is a Vertical of SG Associates having its office at 12, Ayekulam Road, Kumbakonam. Our Group website is and our customers are welcome to reach us at our phone number is  +91-9600714704 or through email at Though we operate out of Kumbakonam, we also execute projects in Trichy, Tanjore and all nearby surroundings with a radius of around 100 Kms from kumbakonam
People love kumbakonam because of its Holiness and Beautiful Temples. Every day is a festival day here in kumbakonam. Temples are fully lit up and decorated almost in all days and crowds come from all part of India to visit thousands of temples around kumbakonam every day. The most famous navagraha temples can be easily reached camping here in kumbakonam. That’s the main reason why kumbakonam is also called as Temple Town in South India. 
Kumbakonam is an ideal place for People who wish to settle down after their retirement. One can practice all sorts of mental and physical exercises required by him to regenerate one’s body, mind and soul. No wonder why there are so many retirement homes coming up in kumbakonam and nearby localities. You have numerous skilled institutions offering knowledgeable courses to practice various skills like meditation, yoga, rekhi, vastu, astrology etc that keeps one’s mind fresh and happy right from his settlement till the end of his life.
We offer a wide range of housing choices for aged people who would like settling down in kumbakonam after their retirement. We help them to build houses as per their preferred choice and designs depending upon on their budget. We also assist associations (group of people either belonging to the same family or community or locality) to jointly plan and settle down in kumbakonam  under our secured housing compounds or gated community plans. Note that we tailor build these dream houses based on their designs and choices. We can also  provide a variety of readymade flats available for immediate occupation through our sources in kumbakonam.. All our apartments are built matching  Vastu principles so that the family living under those roofs is happily and peacefully settled. Kindly call on us to know more about our small budget individual new houses  and  small budget ready plots that are for sale in kumbakonam.
We are proud to have employed a good team of educated and experienced  civil engineers in kumbakonam who do a great job in helping our customers to build their dream houses at budget prices in kumbakonam. No doubts that their sincere efforts and dedication helps us to deliver the best houses in kumbakonam. We also venture as flat promoters in kumbakonam .  We execute projects either in single or along with other joint venture in kumbakonam.
People who would like to buy plots in kumbakonam or plots nearby kumbakonam (like in govindapuram) or have a land but looking for any good builders in kumbakonam  are welcome to approach us immediately  to know more about our latest best deals in kumbakonam and save huge costs in their projects. .
Please feel free to approach us any time either over phone or email if you are planning to buy or build your dream houses in kumbakonam. Always check with us on our monthly best deals and ensure not to miss out on our great promotions during offseason.
We do enter into joint venture in kumbakonam and build apartments jointly. People who would like to have a joint venture in building up new commercial complex, shops, flat or houses are welcome to Tie-up with us making it a win-win situation .
We have the best team of designers, who help our customers to design the best frames for beautiful looks and elevations. Moreover, our house designs help our customers to save costs in their projects. Please get in touch with us to know more about our readymade designed houses or apartments property in sale .  We understand the market and its price matrix. That’s the reason all our projects are very reasonably priced to suit common man’s budget, no wonder that why our customer calls us as Budget Builders in kumbakonam. We promise to delivery best quality houses at budget prices within the agreed time span. We can assure you that you will find our pricing exceeding your expectations compared to other builders in this field.
We also help customers to get best deals in this real estate market in kumbakonam. We also assist them on fixing tenants for their newly built houses or old houses in kumbakonam.  Please call us for a site visit in case you are planning to rent out your flat or apartment in kumbakonam. May be we can help you in getting a good tenant at best rentals values . We also assist you in  selling your old houses at best prices in kumbakonam  .
We are really blessed to be positioned here in kumbakonam and to cater to all the housing requirements of our privileged customers
Get in touch to know about our value added deals today.

SG Associates Builders and Developers is committed to provide good, honest and best services to customers whether its about construction of independent houses in kumbakonam, sale of new or old houses in kumbakonam, or buying or selling of any new or old residences, buying or sale of any individual houses, buying or selling of any indiependent villas, or buying and selling of any residential apartments in kumbakonam. Customer can freely contact us for any advice incase they have any ides to buy or sell any house for sale in kumbakonam, or any apartment for sale in kumbakonam or any residential apartments for sale in kumbakonam or any land or residential plots for sale in kumbakonam . Its obvious that customer are looking for good builders in kumbakonam, or a good construction companies in kumbakonam or best builders in kumbakonam before they start building their houses in kumbakonam. They may start with their search visiting online websites like olx kumbakonam, real estate kumbakonam, quickr kumbakonam, commonfloor kumbakonam, 99 acres kumbakonam or some other leading properties websites or sale websites that may give lots of information about various aspects on available houses for sale in kumbakonam, individual villas for sale , individual houses for sale in kumbakonam, residential apartments for sale, or vacant residential plots for sale in kumbakonam. But all this information is not sufficient enough to choose, decide and buy a good property in kumbakonam. Further the customer may not be in a position to make a site visit for looking at any ready made house in kumbakonam, or readymade apartment for sale in kumbakonam, or ready made individual houses in kumbakonam or even for purchase a land for sale in kumbakonam within a short notice peirod. Purchase any new house for sale in kumbakonam, or any old agraharam house for sale in kumbakonam itself if a big process and one cant do without a support from good and honest real estate agents or real estate house brokers in kumbakonam. Customer may also need to exercise utmost caution on the legal titles while purchasing individual house for sale in kumbakonam, or buying an residential plots for his own use, else he may end up buying an agricultural land for sale in kumbakonam rather than a residential plots available for sale in kumbakonam. SGA Builders and Developers support customers will all legal help required in these processes. We help them to identify panchayat approved residential land for sale in kumbakonam or dtcp approved plots for sale in kumbakonam , clear titled individual houses or residential apartments for sale in kumbakonam. SG Associates has a good team of experienced civil engineers in kumbakonam while comparing with other construction companies in kumbakonam or best builders in kumbakonam. We also provide for various family home plans for kumbakonam residents. When compared with other famous builders in kumbakonam . We also build numerous flats around and act as best flat promoters in kumbakonam when compared wiith other big flat promoters in kumbakonam. We have readymade flats for sale in kumbakonam , individual or duplex flats in kumbakonam .We do also promote gated community plots in kumbakonam. That’s why people call us as one of the good builders in kumbakonam. No doubts the credit for this remark of good kumbakonam builders goes to our good civil engineers and other hard working employees supporting to become one of the best home builders in kumbakonam for new constructions.We are ready to share our floor plans for kumbakonam , home plans for kumbakonam , home plans with cost to build in kumbakonam , home plans with photos in kumbakonam , cost of flooring in kumbakonam or for any other requirements of our valued customers We provide all sales supports to house brokers in kumbakonam , technical support to house builders in kumbakonam , service level supports to house extensions support services in kumbakonam or free lancer professionals involved as home builders , part time home builders , or employed with other leading home builders in kumbakonam. Any one is welcome to meet us and take advantage of this supports.SG Associates builders and developers are considered to be one of the best construction companies in kumbakonam engaged in building readymade homes for sale in kumbakonam , immediate house for rent in kumbakonam , flats for sale or rent near kumbakonam . Such helpful support is not practical with other general builders in kumbakonam. Some times customer by looking at images of house for sale in kumbakonam photos may be urged to feel for buying the property immediately. Hovwer you need to look at things in a more cautions approach. As a best builders in kumbakonam positioned in the first page with other builders list in kumbakonam we are advising you to hold your senses for some time. Call us at 9600714704 or email us at before you start your process for a good advice from us. 

SG Associates Builders & Developers
Address: 12, Ayekulam Road, Kumbakonam,
Tamil Nadu. India. Pin code- 612001 
Phone  91-9600714704

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