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  • Sine Wave Solar Inverter Technology With Hex Code
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Sine Wave Solar Inverter Technology With Hex Code
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dsp sinewave hybrid inverter isolated sensing of mains cycle-cycle current limiting low cost driver led/lcd display priority to solar charging facility 4 stage mains charging zero drop solar charger automotive / tubular battery selection switch inverter /ups selection switch automatic solar detecting single side pcb easy to assembling and servicing dspic30f2010 chip temperature controlled cooling fan introduction new dsp fill bridge micro-controller based sine wave inverter with zero drop solar charger • isolated sensing of mains :- this will ensure that even if phase-neutral connection is reversed at input side there will not be any electric shoke on the battery or pcb • cycle-cycle current limiting :- this is a enhanced protection method for the short circuits/ heavy load condition • led/lcd display :- only one 6 pin rmc connector for using lcd/led • low cost driver :- low cost 6n137 driver used • priority to solar charging facility :- when solar charger is connected mains charger will go to stand-by and priority will be for solar charging . once battery attains full charge of set voltage changes over to ups/inverter mode • 4 stage charger :- stage 1: this is constant current charger . stage2: in this stage battery voltage is kept at the full charge level . stage 3: it is nothing but charger off mode . stage 4: this stage is float charging stage • zero drop solar charger :- low cost zero drop solar chargers are in various range 12v to120v and 5a to 60a which is compatible with dsp inverter design and can be used with other inverter design as well this inverter is best suited for manufacturing for domestic applications as it is simple and easy. it consist only few components which are easily available , have only 3 smd component and which are single sided pcb . there are no windings which can possibly cause any error such as dc-ct or ee-16 transformers. mounting heatsink along with mosfet and soldering few components will complete this board. it consists of a lcd which will display all the parameters of the system and indicates any error during the functioning of the inverter. a low cost 16 character single line or double line lcd will be of scrolling type, showing the status of the inverter. it is very simple to handle and very easy to set the values in the menu driven set-up mode 1 lcd will display * battery voltage * inverter output voltage * wattage of load * mains voltage * charger stage and on/off * solar charging /mains charging * inverter standby on/off * ups/inverter mode * phase input output reverse : whether mains is connected to inverter output * neutral and phase recerse ; whether neutral and phase is connected reverse * over load : if load is above 100% and below 300% * heavy load : if load is above 300% * short circuits * over load trip * heavy load trip * short circuits trip * temperature of heatsink 2 – menu driven set-up : there is no preset, the parameters such as battery low, charging current, inverter output voltage, load etc can be set by scrolling up and down keys and press enter 3 - priority solar charging 4 - inverter /ups selection switch, micro switch or ordinary switch selectable. 5 - in built smps type 4 stage charging with full charge cut-off and trickle charging 6 - pure sine wave output 7 - dsp based very low component cost design 8 - single side pcb easy to assemble 9 - ideal for mixed load application specification battery input voltage 12v dc – 120v dc mains input voltage 230v ac , 50hz mains input range 0v – 440v , 45hz-65hz ac out put (inverter) 230v +/- 3% 50hz inverter technology bridge type center aligned switching. mosfet based inverter out put power 300va – 10kva battery charging smps 4stage charging with full charge cutoff charging current settable upto 15a charger working range 120v – 270v ac mains input technology transfer includes: • circuit diagrams • pcb file of inverter and zero drop solar charge controller • wiring layout and connection diagrams • transformer data • inverter and solar charger programing • assembly file • hex file inverter and solar charge controller • components list • manual contact :+919845084302

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